The basic responsibility of the Cultural Affairs & Heritage Department is the promotion of Art & Culture of the State of Sikkim. Its activities are spread over three sections - the Song & Drama Unit, the Archive & Archaeology and the State Libraries. The Song and Drama Unit is responsible for the promotion of performing arts, particularly the folk songs and dances, dramatics etc. The Archive & Archaeology section as the name suggests, deals with the preservation of institutions and other monuments having archaic importance and conservation of the historical records and documents. The Library section is responsible for managing the public libraries at the State, District and Sub divisional level and catering to the reading requirements of the public. The Department, besides its routine activities, is also responsible for establishment of new Community Centre, and running the old ones as well as establishment of cultural centres. As the terms art and culture connotes a very wide area, the departmental activities often extend beyond the broad meaning of the term.

Sikkim has a rich tradition of singing folk songs. The different communities of the State have different folk songs, which are gradually disappearing, or being replaced by Hindi cinema songs, Hindi pop songs, English pop songs, or other modern form of songs etc. The folk songs of Sikkim are under intense pressure from the mass media......

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This is to infrom to all general and concern scholars that due to ongoing repairing work of state
Archives Building, the records can not be accessed for a period of four months. The records will
remain dormant till further notice from the concern office. Inconvenience caused is regretted.

Joint Director
Sikkim State Archives
Cultural Affairs & Heritage Department

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